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School of Architecture & Landscape Design

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Pursuit of Architectural Education, Research and Consultancy in Conformity with Established Global Standards and Practices.


To Become a Center of Excellence Imparting Architectural Education Assimilating Human, Social and Environmental Values.

An idea to start a School of Architecture came up in the year 2005-06 keeping in view that:

The state has no School of Architecture. The state is blessed with three distinct regions. Overall Development activity is on the increase. The development in hills is not organized and landscape is getting mutilated. The number of architects in totality is not much in relation to population. The areas of the state are prone to earthquake as the state falls in seismic zone IV. Elements of heritage are getting diluted. Any school of Architecture can be a catalyst in promoting architectural order. The aim of the school would be to create consciousness regarding Architecture, Environment, Built-up form, proper utilization of materials, and resources retaining heritage elements and lastly promoting sustainable development in hills.

The Bachelor of Architecture course has been designed to infuse confidence in the would-be-architect. In nutshell the Architect from the institute has to be made aware of the changing scene put forth by racing progress with its tools. Decadence in built-up-environment is a major concern. To feel concerned for the up gradation of the built-up-environment is the need of the hour. The basic mission of providing architectural education is to create environment friendly architecture through inputs from traditional skills, materials and geographical conditions. Expressing regional diversity through architecture and promoting research on materials, energy, depletion of resources, conservation of heritage have been in view while framing the syllabus.

By combining the subjects of the course in a natural flow, the architect- to be shall have confidence in planning, architectural design, drafting details and shall be ready for discussion. In other words it will make architecture truly a language of’ heart than a language of becoming an architect. Form-Function, both in the interiors and exteriors and the relationship of structure with the site and location (HARMONY) in truthfulness shall be the theme of the course. With this approach in mind the architects from the institute shall be ready to face challenges in the field of Architecture. Programs in the Preamble are realized through practical approaches like field studies and special lectures.

Field studies help students to understand human activities, behavior and the value of space inside and outside and the details to be incorporated in Design.

The School of Architecture & Landscape Design (DA&LD) started in 2006 with the first batch of 40 students. The first three years of the school were spent on shared basis in the buildings of other UG & PG schools of the University. Meanwhile, DA&LD faculty consider themselves fortunate to have got the job of designing the DA&LD building under the leadership of First Director of the School Prof. C.L.Razdan. the beautiful design of the building with passionate learning environment was soon ready on paper & the building was ultimately inaugurated on 4th dec, 20009 by the Chancellor SMVDU & hon’ble Governor of J&K sh. N.N.Vohra in presence of First lady of J&K Smt. Usha Vohra, then Vice-Chancellor SMVDU prof. N.K.Bansal , then Director DA&LD Prof. C.L.Razdan & faculty members of DA&LD.

So far 04 batches totaling nearly 145 students have passed out after underwent studies for B.Arch. course here in DA&LD, SMVDU & are well settled in parts of the Globe including Reputed abroad Universities. School is affiliated through mandatory Council of Architecture, COA New Delhi & for the purpose, regular inspections & approval are deliberated through COA. Lately, in may-2014, DA&LD has undergone through rigorous inspection for the extension of the approval of admissions for future batches as s the routine in all such colleges/universities imparting Architectural education.






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