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School of Electronics & Communication Engineering

electronics build

The field of electronics is the fastest growing and the most rapidly changing area of technology in the current times. Electronics has become the all-pervasive technology, which finds application in all spheres of engineering including computers, communication, defense, mechatronics, instrumentation, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer networks, satellites, education etc. The use of electronics has brought about a drastic change in the way human civilization exists today.

The school is currently focused on providing B.Tech. & M.Tech. programs which cover exhaustively the area of Electronics & Communication Engineering:

Bachelor of Technology
Master of Technology

The field of communication has benefited significantly because of the growth of electronics technology. Currently it is possible to communicate using computers and mobile phones across cities, deserts, and oceans via satellites orbiting in space but there is more to come. Latest technologies in the communication field are entirely dependent on the field of electronics.


The School of Electronics & Communication engineering has been set up to impart training of the highest standards to the students, in the field of electronics, thus preparing them to meet the exacting demands of the highly competitive global industrial market.

The objectives of the B.Tech. Programme are:


To be a globally recognized centre in the field of Electronics for preparinghighly trained technical professionals with deep sense of integrity and an ingrained desire to contribute towards development of the society

Courses of Study:

Training Methodology

The emphasis of the program is on practical, hands-on learning. Significant part of the curriculum is dedicated to ensuring that the students get to work with latest equipment and explore the implementation of the knowledge learnt through the class-work. Besides regular class-work, skills of the students are honed by their participation in group discussions, presentations, group assignments and project work which is mandatory 5th semester onwards. The students face continuous evaluation based on these activities. The students are also required to undergo summer training in an industrial environment to learn industrial standards of project management, teamwork, quality considerations and documentation.


State-of-the-art laboratories, containing the latest equipment have been set up to ensure that the students get complete facilities to thoroughly understand and explore the concepts of electronics as learnt in the class-room. Specifically keeping in mind the fact that the University is located in a region where day-to-day industrial interaction is not feasible, the latest equipment is provided in the laboratories itself to ensure that the students are kept abreast of the newer technologies being used in the industry. The school has established laboratories in collaboration with Multi-national companies like Xilinx Inc., USA & Freescale Semiconductors Ltd., USA. The following laboratories have been established to provide the students with the best possible facilities for enhancing the value of the learning process:






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