M.Tech(E&CE) Program Details

M. Tech(Electronics & Communication Engineering) Programme (2 Years, Full-time Program offered by Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering)

The focus of the M.Tech(Electronics & Communication Engg.) is on a thorough and in-depth study of electronics with a special focus on Communication theory from a signal processing perspective as exemplified by courses like Advanced Digital Communication theory, Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Networks, Optical Networks etc.

The programs is designed in a manner such that every student gets exposed to various contemporary aspects of electronics including Communication theory, Signal Processing, Networks, VLSI Technology, Embedded Systems, Microwave Engineering, Optical Communication & Image Processing. Once the student has gained exposure to these, then a choice of various advanced elective courses in each of these fields is offered. This enables the student to explore in depth the field of choice.

The program focuses heavily on hands on work and has large components of lab work which is designed to give the students an opportunity to learn state of art in hardware and software tools. The program is heavily oriented towards the needs of the industry and has a very large component of research projects and laboratory work. The M.Tech theses are on research topics some of which may be part of sponsored projects.

We see this program as another successful step in our never ending quest for academic and technological excellence.




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