Being an engineering department, the school is focusing on research work only in those areas where potential application of the research is in-sight and the benefits are tangible. Focus is more on the areas where the research work can result in patents or in products for the industry. This necessarily translates into research areas where experimental work becomes very relevant and supports simulation work.

Currently the focus of research work is in the area of ”Wireless Sensor Networks”, Microwave Engineering, Image Processing, VLSI & Embedded Systems. Wireless Sensor Networks with area of pervasive computing is emerging as an area which provides huge opportunity for improvement in application areas like defence, security, patient care, environmental study etc.

The current research work is focused on the energy constraints and distributed signal processing aspects of Wireless Sensor Networks. The application and adaptability of Zigbee applications is also being investigated. The school is building up special laboratories consisting of Motes and other dedicated hardware for supporting the research work in this area.

The School has established the “Center for Embedded Instrumentation & Networked Controls” with a seed grant of Rs.29.0 Lakh from UGC under the XIth plan. The Center has been supported by in-house grants.

The School has been able to get Research Project from ISRO entitled “Design & Demonstration of Set of Algorithms for High Reliability Wireless Data Acquisition & Control” with Mr. Sumeet Gupta, Assistant Professor as PI & Mr. Shashi B Kotwal as Co-PI




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