Department of Philosophy & Culture : Research

The emphasis of research in the Department is on Indian Philosophy & Culture, but generally the research proposals are not to be confined to the same only. The Department intends to undertake research in the Area of Western Philosophy, Studies in Civilizations, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Religion, Ethical Theories, Propositional and Predicate Logic, Analytic Philosophy, and Philosophy of Mind etc.

Varun K. Tripathi specializes in Advaita Philosophy. He has published several research papers in philosophical journals and participated in more than 20 national/international seminars and conferences. Currently he is editing a monograph entitled ”Kashmir Shaivism and Tantrism” for publication. The monograph is based on the presentations of the National Seminar on Kashmir Shaivism organized by the Department in July 2007. He is also awarded Fellowship of Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla where he is working on a project titled “Constructing a Common Schema for the Presentation of Indian Ethics”. Two PhD students, Mr. Dinesh Jamwal and Mrs.Simran Raina are working under his supervision.

Anil K. Tewari specializes in Buddhist Philosophy. He has published more than 18 research papers in various referred journals of Philosophy and participated in more than 45 national/international seminars and conferences. Presently he worked on a UGC minor project titled “A Critical Study of Udayanacarya’s Reconstruction of the Buddhist Doctrines in his Nyayakusumanjali and Atmatattvaviveka”. He has written more than 05 articles in philosophy for e-PG Pathsala programme launched by UGC New Delhi. He has also undertaken the preparation of monographs for publication based on the presentations in different seminars organised by the Department. Two students are working under his supervision: Mr Sushain Raina is working on “Sartrean Ethics” and Ms Ruby Bharti is working on “The irreducibility of Sabda Pramana”.

Sumanta Sarathi Sharma specializes in Diagrammatic Reasoning. He has submitted his PhD thesis on the topic ”Syllogistic Reasoning: A Philosophical Study of Diagrammatic Approaches” in IIT Kanpur. Besides, he has published a number of papers in philosophical journals and participated in more than 10 international/national seminars and conferences. He has participated in international conferences held in Switzerland, Germany and Poland. He has also contributed 02 articles in philosophy for e-PG Pathsala programme launched by UGC New Delhi.

Ashoka Kumar Tarai specializes in Philosophy of Wittgenstein and in Social Contract Philosophy. His PhD work was on Wittgenstein’s Metaphysics from the University of Hyderabad. He has participated in several national/international seminars and conferences. He has completed his M. Phil. Degree on “Modern Interpretation of Rousseau’s Social Contract Philosophy” from the University of Hyderabad. He has published 03 research papers in different journals.

Madhu Mangal Chaturvedi specializes in Philosophy of Mind. His PhD work was on the Problem of Subjectivity from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is a Gold Medalist in MA Philosophy from Lucknow University. His research interest includes Indian Philosophy also. He has participated in European Graduate School held at Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany and Tilburg University, Tilburg, The Netherlands.




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