Electronics Laboratory


This laboratory is a part of M. Sc. Physics Ist year General Laboratory and aims at providing the basic concepts & operation of electronic devices & circuits. The lab supports the students to build their circuits on breadboard using electronic components, ICs, power supplies and other electronic equipments. It also provides logic level realization of different digital circuit such as logic gates, flip-flops, counters, registers, multiplexers, de-multiplexers etc. This laboratory enables our students to learn prototyping, soldering, wiring and testing their own circuits.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory:

The aim of this laboratory is to provide the knowledge about architecture, programming and interfacing of microprocessor (P) chips 8085/8086 and microcontroller (MC) chips AT80C51/AT89C2051 to the M.Sc. Physics Ist and IInd year students. This lab also helps the final year students, with Electronics specialization, to build P and MC based Electronics projects.

Major Equipments:

1. NI Elvis Basic Bundle

2. VHDL FPGA Trainer Kit

3. EPROM Programmer

4. IC Tester Analog

5. LVDT Trainer Kit

6. Decade Resistance Box

7. Decade Capacitance Box

8. UPIC Tool Kit

9. 32 Channel Logic Analyzer

10. 8051 Microprocessor Kit

11. 8086 Microprocessor Kit

12. 8051 Microcontroller Kit

13. 8051 Development Board

14. Digital Multimeter

15. Peripheral Cards

17. Desktop Computers

18. Multiple DC Power Supply

19. Digital IC Tester

20. Decade Inductance Boxes

21. Constant Voltage Transformer

22. 8 Digit Frequency Counter

23. Digital Storage Oscilloscope

24. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

25. Function Generators

List of Experiments:

M.Sc. Sem-I:

M.Sc. Sem-II:

M.Sc. Sem-III:






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