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Physics: Laboratory Infrastructure

physics lab01

In the world of increasing conscious of the potential effects of science and technology on environment laboratory techniques and methodology at large are of importance. We live in an age in which the pace of technological change pulsating ever faster causing waves that spread towards all spheres of life. This increased rate of change will have an impact on us, no matter what we do for a living. This brings new competition from new ways of doing things. Technological change is going to reach out & sooner or later change something fundamental in our life. In technology, ”whatever can be done will be done”. We cannot stop these changes. Instead, we are making a transition from a period when advantages could be gained from information to an era that depends on knowledge as an actionable asset for non-repeatable competitive advantage. Learning faster than the competition is now “Fundamental to Success”.

The team at SMVDU Physics Laboratory understand this ”Fundamental to Success”. The objective of Physics Laboratory is to demonstrate the principles of experimental practice in Physics & Physics related Engineering. And to show how measurement, experiment design & modern instrumentation can be used most effectively and to encourage the creative use of experimental & theoretical physics in areas which may be unfamiliar. The emphasis is focused upon experiment design & use of Core & Applied Physics fundamentals.

The Physics Laboratory at SMVDU have been structured as – General Physics Laboratory, Physics Dark Room, and Solid State Physics Laboratory. The three Physics Laboratories primarily address to students at introductory graduate levels in engineering. The Physics Laboratory at SMVDU is equipped with state of the art equipments not only in the field of Pure but also in Applied Physics.

General Physics Laboratory exposes the students towards the basic physical measurement & methodologies which though seems to be passive but in the contrast of Laboratory cannot be considered to be passive & isolated subjects of interest; & on the other hand the students have a hand on experience of handling advanced instruments of optics in Physics Dark Room. And still the Solid State Physics Laboratory provides the students an exposure to Semiconductor basics and also advanced concepts and instrumentation for semiconductors from the Physics (core) point of view. In the Physics Laboratory the students have a full- hand operation of measuring instruments, such as, Vernier Calipers, Screw Gauze, Spherometer, Traveling Microscope are some to mention. The students are also provided with full hands on experiences in optical instruments, such as, Optical benches, Lasers, Spectrometers, Michelson Interferometer. Not only has this but the students also gain experiences of handling Semiconductor crystals for measurements with advanced instruments, such as, Four Probe and Hall Effect, Dielectric Constant Measurements and B-H Curve analysis through interfacing with PC are some to be mentioned.

Last but not the least, we at SMVDU Physics Laboratory believe in making the students understand basic concepts in Physics & Applied Physics and also provide an exposure & understanding in latest technological changes in Physics & Physics related fields.

The team at SMVDU Physics Laboratory believe ”not only in making the experimental concepts merely happen” but believe ” in making them understandable from the grass roots as well”.

The School has established three laboratories namely:






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