Regulations & Procedures

Semester Registration& Pre-Registration

Registration in each semester is a mandatory requirement, failing which the name of the students will be struck off the rolls of the university. The Registration procedure ensures that the students name is on the roll list of each course that he/she wants to study in a semester. No credit is given if the student attends a course for which he/she has not registered. Registration for courses to be taken in a particular semester will be done according to a specified schedule as indicated in Academic Calendar. During registration each student is required to indicate clearly the courses he is registering for. Registration after due date or in absentia will be allowed only in rare cases at the discretion of Dean of the Faculty, subject to the approval of the Vice Chancellor. In case of illness or absence during registration, a student should intimate the same to his/her course advisor and the Dean. On-line Registration System is used to keep track of the courses chosen by each student besides providing information to the student regarding his/her backlog courses. Registration is done twice every Academic Session at the beginning of the semester in August/January.

Semester Registration will be mandatory for the Summer Semester for all PhD scholars and students of full-time M.Tech. program. Students from any other program wishing to stay back during the Summer Semester are also required to register for the Summer Semester.

Registration of the students from external institutions, who come to the university for Project/Summer Training, will be done in a different mode. The Registration for Summer Semester will be done in the last week of May.

In addition to the Semester Registration at the beginning of each semester (August/January), a Pre-registration for the forthcoming semester is also required to be done by each student during the preceding semester in March/October.

This is beneficial to the students since they are aware of the courses being offered by the Schools in the forthcoming semester.

This also facilitates the School administration to know in advance the courses for which the students wish to register in the forthcoming semester and the number of students registering for each course.

Advice on Courses

At the time of completing the registration form, each student must consult his /her student advisor to finalize the academic program keeping in view minimum/ maximum numbers of total and lecture credits, past performance, backlog of courses, SGPA/CGPA, prerequisite, workload and students interests.

Slot System For Time Table

A slot based centralized Time Table will be devised in every semester of every academic session. The objective is to enable the students to have the flexibility to opt for elective courses being offered by Schools other than their own and enable the Schools to design the Time-Table based on Pre-Registration information submitted by students.

Lower and Upper Limits for credits registered

A student may be allowed to register for as many mandated and/or backlog courses as he/she can attend or register for as per the Time-Table constraints during each regular semester. However, each student will have to register for a minimum of 12 credits in a regular semester unless the number of credits required for the award of degree is less than 12 and/or it is due to constraints of Time Table or courses offering.

A student will not be allowed to register for more than 12 credits in the Summer Semester.

Addition, Deletion, Audit and Withdrawal from courses

a)Add/Drop: A student has the option to add a course(s) that he/she has not registered for, or drop a course(s) for which he/she has already registered for. This facility is restricted to the first week of the semester.

b) Audit: A student may apply for changing a credit course to an audit one within one week of the end of the first minor test. Audit facility is open to all students who have completed 100 credits for UG students. A student will be permitted to do any number of audit courses over and above the graduation requirements. However, for UG students at the most 8 credits can be counted towards the minimum requirement of 185 credits. Also for UG students, only Elective subjects can be chosen as Audit course. NP or NF grades are awarded in a Audit Course and these grades and credits are not counted towards calculation of SGPA/CGPA. However in case of UG, the credits of the audit course are counted towards the total credits earned while in PG courses the credits of the audit course are not counted as earned credits.

c) Withdrawal: A student who wants to withdraw from a course should apply within one week of the end of first minor test. A withdrawal grade (W) will be awarded in such cases. In case a student withdraws from a core course he is required to register for the same the next time it is offered. He will be required to meet the attendance requirement when he registers for the course the next time and should carefully consider the feasibility of the same before withdrawing. It is mandatory for a student to clear that course to be eligible for award of degree. In case a student withdraws from an elective course he has a choice to either register for the same course the next time it is offered or to register for some other elective course being offered this time or next time. However, the student is required to meet the attendance requirement when he registers for the same elective the next time or takes a new elective this time or the next time. He/She should be careful in considering the feasibility of meeting the attendance criterion before withdrawing.

Semester Withdrawal (Undergraduate & Postgraduate students)

If a student is absent for more than 20 teaching days in a semester on medical grounds, then he/she may apply for withdrawal from that semester, i.e. withdrawal from all courses registered in that semester. A student can also choose to withdraw from a semester for the following reasons:

1) Industrial internship
2) Disciplinary action
3) Extra-ordinary situation which renders the student unable to continue studies in the immediate future on any genuine and justifiable ground, and if recommended by BUGS /BPGS & approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

Application for semester withdrawal must be made as early as possible and latest before the start of the major tests. No applications for semester withdrawal will be considered after the major tests have commenced.

The application for withdrawal on Medical Grounds must be supported by a Medical Certificate issued by a duly registered Medical practitioner along with copies of relevant prescriptions, Medical Test reports etc. The opinion of the Medical Officer of the University will be obtained in this case.

The application for withdrawal will be considered for approval by the Vice-Chancellor if recommended by the Director of the School & Dean of the Faculty.

In case a student seeks Semester Withdrawal then this will result in withdrawal for a semester only and the student may be allowed to register in the subsequent semester. However the student may be allowed to register for only those courses in the subsequent semester, besides backlog courses, for which the pre-requisite condition is met. However, in either case, this period of withdrawal will not be counted towards the maximum time limit for completion of degree. The period of withdrawal can’t be more than one year after which the student’s admission will be cancelled.

Attendance Requirements

All the students are expected to attend every lecture, tutorial and practical class. However, to account for late registration, sickness or other contingencies, the minimum attendance requirement will be 75% of the classes actually held. For the purpose of attendance calculation, every scheduled practical class will count as one unit irrespective of the number of contact hours. Attendance record will be maintained by the concerned faculty for all lectures, tutorials and practicals held.

A student with less than 75% attendance but more than 60% attendance in any course during the semester shall be allowed to sit for the Major Exam, however he will be awarded a grade one lower than the grade actually earned by him/her based on the marks obtained.

A student with less than 60% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the Major Exam and will be awarded Fail grade (‘E’ or ‘F’ as per the total marks obtained). The student will be required to re-take the course i.e. register for the course and attend all classes. In case of audit / non-credit courses NP grade will be changed to NF if attendance is less than 60%.

Absence during the semester

a) A student must inform the Director of the School and Dean of the Facultyimmediately of any instance of continuous absence from classes.

b) A student who is absent due to illness or any other emergency, up to a maximum of 2 weeks, should approach the course coordinator for make-up quizzes, assignments and laboratory work that he may have missed.

c) A student who has been absent in the minor test due to illness should approach the course coordinator for re-conduct of Minor test which may be allowed by Dean under specific circumstances as detailed in Rule 9.9 below.

d) In case of absence on medical grounds or other special circumstances, before or during the major examination period, the student can apply for I-grade. 75% attendance in a course is necessary for being eligible for request of I- Grade in that course. An Application requesting I- grade should be made at the earliest but not later than the last day of major tests. The application should be made to the Director of the School of the student’s program who will recommend the same to the Dean of the Facultyfor grant of approval depending on the merit of the case. The Dean will further process the request through AR(Academics) for grant of approval from the competent authority. Once approved, the information will be passed on to the course coordinators also. The student should complete all course requirements within 10 days of the last date of Major tests. The I- grade will then be converted to a proper grade (A to F, NP, NF).

e) In case the period of absence on medical grounds is more than 20 working days during the semester, a student may apply for withdrawal from the semester, i.e. withdrawal from all courses registered that semester as mentioned at Rule 9.6 above.

f) If a student is continuously absent from the institute for more than four weeks without notifying the Director of the school, his/her name will be removed from university’s rolls.

Re-conduct of Minor Exam if missed

In case a student fails to appear in any Minor Exam due to exceptional circumstances then re-conduct of the missed Minor Exam may be allowed by the Dean of the College/Faculty on the recommendation of the Course Coordinator and the Director of the School offering the course. However, the application for re-conduct of Minor Exam must be received within 07 working days after the end of Minor Exams.

The Minor Exam should usually be re-conducted before the next Minor or Major Exam whichever is earlier.






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