Requirements for Award of Degree

It is mandatory for the student to complete successfully each of the criterion mentioned at Point 1-6 above for award of degree. Failure to complete any one of the above requirements will make the student in-eligible for award of Degree and his/her admission will be terminated.

1. Earned Credits

The earned credit requirements for award of degree are equal to the credits of all courses as defined in the program structure. It is mandatory to pass all courses mentioned as a part of the course structure of that particular program including non-credit courses, if any, for award of degree.

In case of passing out students deficient in total credit requirements up to 12 credits, they may be allowed to register in the Summer Semester upto 12 credits for the backlog courses or other eligible courses in lieu of these courses. These courses could be registered and studied on Self-Study basis also. In case there are significant number of students having backlogs in a particular course, the School may decide to offer the course in the Summer Semester for which attending the classes will be a requirement. This will also apply to students who are not on the verge of passing out.

2. Maximum Period for Completion of Degree

The maximum period for completion of degree is as below:


3. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) Requirement

A student must obtain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0 at end of the Program for being eligible for award of any UG or PG degree.

Students not meeting the above conditions after completion of required credits in the degree programme may be permitted to register for additional elective courses under any category to improve the CGPA within the maximum time limit for completion of that programme.

4. Practical Training

A student of the 4-year B.Tech. program and 5-year B. Arch. program must complete the prescribed number of days of practical training to the satisfaction of the concerned School. This training will be normally undertaken in the summer vacation following the 6th semester for B.Tech. and during 7th semester for B. Arch. program. Practical training duration is a minimum of 8 weeks for B.Tech. & 100 working days for B.Arch. Training should be carried out preferably in industry or R&D institutions in India or recognized architectural offices for B.Arch. course. Practical training may also be taken in any academic institution of national importance.

5. NSS

All undergraduate students are required to enroll for NSS in the first year. This requirement should be completed in one year. If, however, a student is not able to complete this requirement in the first year, he/she must complete it by the end of the 2nd year (4th semester). An S or X grade is awarded to each student for NSS which requires 40 hours per semester of time devoted to NSS activities. Concerned students will have to register for NSS as a Non-credit Course. The grade obtained will be displayed on the grade sheet.

6. Minimum Number of Academic Semesters

A student is required to register for at-least 8 semesters for B.Tech., 10 Semester for B.Arch., 4 Semesters for Full-Time PG Courses and 6 Semesters for Part-Time PG courses such as M.Tech.(EM)-Part Time to be eligible for award of degree. Withdrawal Semester & Summer Semester do not count towards this.






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