24072017 news03

SMVDU, B.Tech. student completes internship with US based firm

24072017 news03SMVDU Katra: Nilay Jayswal, a final year B. Tech. student of Department of Computer Science & Engineering grabbed and successfully completed an internship with “Online Visas, Inc.” an ancillary company of “Velie Law Firm” based in Oklahoma, USA. He made contributions to the Online Visas Gateway Web Application which is a massive platform for global immigration. He started the internship in the month of May and completed in July. His job duties included extending and editing the document production functions in Online Visas Gateway. Through his work experiences development of an entrepreneurial instinct and analytical abilities in him, a better understanding of working to a deadline, planning ahead and team work. He used technologies like PHPRtfLite, SetaPDF, PHP, AJAX, Javascript, Knowledge of Database development tools etc.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering congratulated Mr. Nilay. He says in his interaction with faculty and peers that failures are very important experiences as they teach us a lot. There are plenty of people who desire success but the very basis of success is that only few of them are able to dismantle the old frameworks of thinking and doing and grow up capable and successful. It may be noted that Mr. Nilay has already worked as a Software Developer in an internship position at The American University in Cairo, Egypt, from December 2016 to February 2017.






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