28052017 sparsh

SMVDU Research Scholar delivers talk on ‘Disk Forensics’ at Sher-e-Kashmir Police Academy

28052017 sparsh

SMVDU Katra: Mr. Sparsh Sharma, a certified Forensic Investigator and a Cyber Security enthusiast, gave a 1-day Invited Guest Lecture on various topics related to ‘Disk Forensics’ at Sher-e-Kashmir Police Academy Udhampur yesterday. In his talk he gave practical demonstrations on how to identify and seize digital evidences from the crime scene, how to recover deleted data from the mobile, computer and hard disk. Topics like how to bypass password lock from Windows, Android and other computer applications was also covered. His talk also included cyber evidences acquisition steps, cloning of evidences, hashes and digital fingerprints, application password recovery, window password bypassing and recovery, android password recovery, e-mail header analysis, Base64 encoding, Chrome and Mozila SQ Lite history database parsing, recovery of history, cookies and favourites, bookmarks, URL obfuscation techniques and e-mail analysis etc. Mr. Sparsh Sharma is pursuing his Ph.D. under supervision of Dr. Ajay Kaul, Head Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, SMVDU.






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