Adjunct Professor Dr. Ajay Vinodia Visits SMVDU

SMVDU Katra: Dr. (Ar.) Ajay Vinodia, Associate Professor, School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Bhopal and Adjunct Professor at Department of Architecture and Landscape Design SMVDU was invited to deliver expert talk for students and faculty of the department. Dr. Ajay Vinodia delivered the special talk on the topic “Urban Informality”. In his expert talk, he stressed upon the emergent need to rejuvenate the urban infrastructure of Indian cities on priority as such the condition of Indian cities is far behind even from the basic urban towns of some of the leading countries and further quoted some of the best examples from India and abroad to stress on this view point like Chandigarh, Gandhi Nagar, Singapore and cities of Europe etc. The urban infrastructure along with the basic amenities required for a healthy, peaceful and safe living was well augmented by Dr. Vinodia in his talk. Earlier, the Adjunct Professor was introduced with the faculty and staff of the department. Ar. Vinodia also took note of the various activities along with the studio exercises being dealt in the department. In his interaction with the faculty, he applauded the conference organized by the department and he expressed his happiness to have discovered such a beautiful University campus and a wonderful department at this location and also advised to organize more activities at national and international platform to glorify the department globally as the Dept., on virtue of its merits, deserve promotion. The guest lecture was attended by all faculty members of the department along with the students of 3rd year, 4th year and 5th year. Lecture ended with the questions-answers and informal interaction of students with the Adjunct Professor.






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