12062021 beyondQuantum

Prof. Garg, Faculty SMVDU, authors “Science Beyond Quantum”

12062021 beyondQuantumProf. Rajeev Garg, Faculty in School of Architecture and Landscape Design at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, authored a book titled “Science Beyond Quantum”, which presents knowledge, principles and codes that may be useful for researchers and scientists across disciplines in order to create matter from light.

The book comprises ancient Indian wisdom on the subject matter as well as tries to interpret modern age science.

Prof. Garg argues that quantum level is not the finishing line and we need to explore beyond in order to get the answer to the questions:

What is the coding, by virtue of which a specific number of protons, neutrons and electrons forms the atom of various known elements, and nucleotides are arranged in the strand of the DNA?

What is that coding which initiates the development of tissues and limbs in an embryo?

What is the science behind astrology/movement of celestial bodies, by virtue of which they affect the characteristics of a person born on planet earth at a particular place and time?

How do we breathe? Is there any science in breathing?

Whether life is also a program in the cosmic computer? What is praan and what are the codes which regulate the pulses in our body?

No milestone in the journey of modern science and technology can be considered to be achieved unless it is explored and understood at a subtle level,” emphasizes Prof. Garg.

The book is also available on Amazon.






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