18052017 souravee

SMVDU faculty presents paper at Thailand International meet

18052017 souraveeSMVDU Katra: Ar. Sourovee Dutta Assistant Professor Dept. of Architecture and landscape Design SMVDU presented her research paper titled “An Enquiry into the Lack of Existing Rural-Urban Classification (RUC) and Definitions: A Global Overview” at 5th International Conference on Urban Planning, Transport and Construction Engineering – ICUPTCE’17 on May 2-3, 2017 Pattaya Thailand. The presented paper is the part of her Ph.D. research on Peri-Urban Planning in the context of India under the guidance of Dr. Madhumita Roy, Professor at Jadavpur University Kolkata. The paper is also published in the e-proceedings of the conference. The conference presented her with a great opportunity in the beginning of her professional career, for oral presentation of her paper at the conference and also for chairing a session at an international forum. ICUPTCE’17 is sponsored by Universal Researchers in Civil and Architecture Engineering (URCAE) under UniversalResearchers in Science & Technology. All peer reviewed accepted papers of ICUPTCE’17 are published in the printed conference proceedings with validInternational ISBN number. Each Paper is assignedDigital Object Identifier (DOI) from Crossref.

The conference was primarily multi-disciplinary in nature. Academicians, researchers, master’s students, Ph.D. scholars and industry professionals from the disciplines of architecture, urban planning, transportation engineering, civil engineering and construction management were together on one platform to discuss various emerging issues faced by Asian, especially South-Asian countries at present time. It is also required to link building bye-laws, urban planning and city management policies, so that distribution of fund for urban development can be possible with a sense of justice and fairness. Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjeev jain and Head Ar. Aditya Singh congratulated Ar. Sourovee for her successful representation of SMVDU in the global event.






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