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SMVDU’s Architecture Student Gets Prestegious Internship in Germany

27062017 archMadeeha Ayub-A seventh semester student (batch 2014-19) of Department of Architecture, SMVD University, Katra (J&K); has been selected as an intern in an International Architecture studio Kresings Architektur Gmbh-Germany, against her undergraduate portfolio and an interview. The practice has two studios in Munster and Dusseldorf in Germany, headed by a Norman Foster apprentice Kilian Kresing. The internship is certified with the Federal Employment Agency of Germany as well.

Kresings studio understands architecture as the symbiosis of the disciplines. Creative sensibility and empathy for the task create bold designs with tension and dynamics. Pictures from their deep structures activate key-strokes of experiences. Daily new experimental interpretations place people and spaces in a playful interaction in their workplace. It is indeed a proud moment for not only the student but also in terms of continuous progression towards excellence for the Architecture department as well as for the University. Madeeha is entitled for handsome stipend as well during the internship period. Pertinent to mention that, among the current batch this year; Madeeha is the third student to have secured prestigious internship abroad.

B. Architecture students of the department after undergoing first three years (06 semesters) formal training at the University are required to do semester long internship at reputed Indian/Abroad architectural organizations in their 7th semester of the curriculum of the 05 year (10 semester) degree course. Subsequently, the works dealt during the internship are evaluated at the university by the expert jurors (invited) team upon the return of the students in January. The Internship in 7th semester assist the students a long way for their thesis project (in 10th semester) as well as their future endeavors after the degree course.






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