26032018 alumniMBA

Alumni of School of Business Interacted with Students

26032018 alumniMBA

To take a walk down the corridors of nostalgia, Ms. Shivani Langeh, presently Regional Marketing Expert, Global Sign and alumni of School of Business interacted with MBA students on 8th March, 2018. She shared her experiences about her classroom with MBA students and mentioned that how two years of MBA had changed her. With the help of conduction of small activities relating to SWOT analysis, she provided valuable insights to the students regarding how to overcome their deficiencies and capitalise on strengths. She emphasised that there is no harm to fail as by it, ‘life doesn’t stops’. She gave the example of failure of 96% of start-up in India and told them that how those start-ups were able to deal with their failure in a very fine and cool way. She advised the students to keep distance from negative persons and manage their time effectively as it the golden period of their life on the basis of which they can flourish or sink in future. She told the students to live and peruse their hobbies which will help them to live their personal space. She also mentioned to the students that companies are interested in fresher (new and warm innovative blood) and also discussed with the students some carrier options.






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