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Best Paper Award to Scholar Mr. Shahbaz Indu

30012023 scholarShahbaz Indu received the best paper award at the 3rd International Conference on Changing Business Paradigm (ICCBP) at Management Development Institute (MDI) Murshidabad, held in January 2023.Shahbaz received the best paper award in the Marketing track with the theme “Reinventing Marketing through Sustainability, Innovation and Analytics”, and he presented the paper titled, “What Determines the Purchase of Superfoods? An Empirical Assessment of Indian Consumer”. The inclusion of superfoods in dietary plans has been discussed in the paper. The factors influencing the purchase of superfoods among Indian consumers have also been determined. Researchers from India, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Spain, China, Ghana, USA presented their research work through online and offline modes. The submitted paper has also been accepted for publication in the book by Bloomsbury India. Shahbaz is pursuing his research in School of Business under the guidance of Dr. Rashi Taggar.






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