25012021 suparn

Faculty Member of SMVDU Conducts Session on Plagiarism

25012021 suparnDr. Supran Kumar Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Management has conducted a training session in the workshop on ‘academic writing’ organised by UGC-HRDC BPS Women University, Sonipat, Haryana. This was a one week training workshop conducted to inculcate advance and effective writing skills amongst the participants. The session was conducted by Dr. Sharma in the virtual mode, due to the current prevailing situation of Pandemic.

The participants of the workshop were faculty members of different colleges, institutions, from the universities. The theme of the session was focused on Plagiarism and related issues.Dr. Sharma explained that many people think of plagiarism as copying another’s work or borrowing someone’s ideas but the term copying or borrowing can disguise the seriousness of the offence. There can be two type of plagiarism including deliberate plagiarism and accidental plagiarism, which define The Spectrum of Offenses. To make the session more participatory and effective five different cases of difference forms of plagiarism have been explicated in the virtual session. Moreover, the session also explained that with minor changes and using synonyms one cannot get rid of plagiarism.

The Session also endowed with the pattern and processes of correct citations, references etc. Large no. of relevant queries of participants was raised and they were very enthusiastic during the session on dynamics of plagiarism and appreciated the session. In the session a number of terminologies including Colon, CTRL-C Find-Replace, Remix, Hrbrid, Aggregator, Mashup, 404 Error etc. were used to elucidate the different prevailing forms of plagiarism.The session conducted with examples how one can have productive use of common knowledge or widely accepted facts to get rid of issues of plagiarism and discussion also turns towards the available different software useful to detect level of similarity in a manuscript or document.






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