28032018 alumni

MBA Students’ Interaction with Alumnus of School of Business

28032018 alumni

Ms. Aarti Dhingra, alumnus of School of Business interacted with students of MBA on 27th March, 2018. Ms. Arti Dhingra is presently running her own venture Shape n Smile- The fitness studio in Jammu very successfully and is certified trainer. She was the first woman entrepreneur in Jammu in the field of fitness and health. She shared with students her corporate experiences in Reliance Money and the kind of failures she faced in her life before entering into her own venture. She mentioned that if one wants to taste the fruit of success, one must have knowledge about the relevant field. She mentioned that honesty, self-confidence, knowledge and proper R&D are the primary requirements for starting up of own venture. She emphasized that nothing is impossible, if there is willingness to do something. She gave some tips to the students regarding tackling of stress level in the corporate world. She inspired the students to become a successful entrepreneur and provided insight regarding how to adjust and cherish the moments of life. She also spoke about her fund-raising charity events. She suggested the students to have precision and confidence about the aim of their life.






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