27092021 Ravi

Dr. Ravi Parihar of SMVDU Showcases Languages of Jammu at Andalas University, Indonesia

27092021 RaviDr. Ravi Parihar of SMVDU presented a research paper titled “On the Syntactic Agreement in the Indo-Aryan languages” at the 5th International Seminar on Linguistics held by the Faculty of Humanities, Andalas University, Indonesia.

In his presentation, Dr. Parihar laid emphasis on languages such as, Hindi, Sarazi, Bhadarwahi and Saroori. Briefly, he reported that there is Subject-Verb- Agreement in Hindi & Bhadarwahi; whereas, Sarazi and Saroori exhibited Subject-Auxiliary agreement, where main verb doesn’t show agreement.

Dr. Parihar is making his efforts in revitalising the regional languages of Jammu & Kashmir, following National Education Policy, 2020. He thanked the organising members of the International Seminar.






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