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Mr Shubh Prakash, B.Tech.(ME) student, presented technical paper in ENT 2023

20230221 154048B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering student, SMVDU, presented a paper at first international interdisciplinary Clconference on Energy, NanoTechnology and Internet of Things (ENT 2023) by virtual mode organised by National Institute of Technology Puducherry in Feb 2023. Mr Shubh Prakash presented on “Transient Heat Transfer Studies on Different Positions of Thermoelectric Generator Integrated Solar Air Heaters for Buildings”. The paper discussed various operating and design parameters using transient heat transfer model applied for different position of thermoelectric generator through online the technical paper was co-authored by Shivam Sharma, Naman Mahajan, Shivam Bhat, Eswaramoorthy M., Ravi Kumar Goyal.






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