12052017 alex

Philosophy Lecture Series Concludes at SMVDU

12052017 alex

SMVDU Katra: Prof. Alex Watson, a D.Phil. from Harvard University and presently a Professor of Indian Philosophy at Ashoka University India, concludes a lecture series at the Dept. of Philosophy & Culture, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University yesterday. He spoke on ‘Contrasting Nyaya-Vaisesika and Buddhist explanations of attention’, in which he analyzed whether there is necessary role of mind in attention, or attention can be explained without imagining mind as arbitrator. This question has been long debated in history of Indian philosophy, particularly between Nyaya and Buddhist traditions, if awareness and attention can be explained through the momentary flow of conscious episodes. It is pertinent to note that Prof. Watson specializes in Indian Philosophy, Kashmir Shaivism, Nyaya Philosophy and is an outright scholar of Sanskrit.

Prior to that he had spoken on the topic ‘Can Jayanta Bhaṭṭa respond effectively to the charge that the inference of God’s existence is un-established and inconclusive’, in which he had analyzed specific arguments given by Nyaya tradition to prove the existence of God. He also interacted with Vice Chancellor Dr. Sanjeev Jain about the best and innovative practices in academic institutions and he thoroughly appreciated the academic freedom that faculty of SMVDU are provided. He also interacted with Dr. Vandana Sharma Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Dr. V. K. Tripathi Head Dept. of Philosophy and Culture, Dr. Anil K. Tewari, Mr. Sumanta S. Sharma, Dr. Madhu M. Chaturvedi, Dr. Ashoka Tarai from Dept. of Philosophy thanked Prof. Watson.






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