Dr. Vinay Kumar from SMVDU delivers an talk in South Africa

drvinayDr. Vinay Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, and Coordinator, Nanotechnology Cell, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University presented his recent research on nanophosphor converted light emitting diodes (n-pcLED) titled “Potential of Sm3+ doped LiSrVO4 nanophosphor to fill amber gap in LEDs” in the 7th South African Conference on Photonic Materials (SACPM2017) held at Amanzi Private Reserve during 27th-31st March, 2017 in South Africa.The conference was organized by Department of Physics of three leading Universities of South Africa namely, University of the Free State, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and University of Pretoria under the ages of South Africa Institute of Physics (SAIOP). The conference was attended by over 100 scientists, researchers and scholars from several countries. It consisted of invited talks delivered by delegates from different part of world including Sweden, Germany, France, Brazil, Belgium, Luxembourg and India, etc. The different sessions also included over 40 contributed talks and and 2 poster sessions (which includes 80 posters) besides several other attendees and industry participation.

In his talk, Dr. Kumar highlighted the potential of nanophosphor in light-emitting diode (LED) radiation from UV to IR region and even to generate white light. He explained the concept of down conversion of, e.g., blue LED emission, which offers news possibility to provide efficient generation of monochromatic, high-color-purity light, especially in wavelength ranges (540-600 nm) in which direct radiation from non-converted LEDs is relatively inefficient, i.e., in the “yellow gap”. In his presentation he explained that a blue-emitting LED is ‘fully’ converted to amber emission with a peak wavelength of 595 nm and a color purity of >96%.

Dr. Kumar is also highly grateful to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University for funding his visit to South Africa under PDA grant.






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