08052023 networkCentre

Network Centre

Since the University’s initial setting up of campus-wide network in 2005, active users of the network facilities have increased many folds and the network-based applications have increased phenomenally. This is a welcome change in the university’s academic environment. This has prompted the University administration to rapidly increase the network facilities to all the sections of the university community. Network Centre has been given the responsibility of running the university’s Intranet & Internet services.

08052023 networkCentre

SMVD University Network (UnivNet) connects all buildings across campus including all Academic blocks, Hostels, Administrative Offices, Auditorium, VC Residence, Central Workshop, Medical Aid Centre, Guesthouse, faculty and staff residences.

With the growth of users, IT services and increasing internet bandwidth demand, the university has scaled up the switching capabilities and implemented latest managed wired and Wi-Fi access. The network and internet services of the SMVD UnivNet are backed by Layer 3 Core Switch from Cisco, HP & Huawei – 258 Nos. Layer 2 distribution Switches, Sophos Firewalls used for Security, Central Authentication Gateway and Network Management System.

Uninterrupted Internet services have been provided in SMVDU campus from 1 Gbps Internet leased line link from BSNL under NMEICT. With the endeavor of Network Centre team, SMVDU is part of NKN (National Knowledge Network) connecting all Universities in India including IIT, IISc, NIT, etc. Application servers for various Schools have been created to provide seamless access to network licensed packages like AutoCAD, Ansys, Prowess CMIE, Capitaline NEO, NetSim etc.

Wif-Fi service has been implemented across the campus in the last few years and currently more than 300 Wi-Fi Access points provide seamless internet connectivity in the entire campus. The backbone was changed over fully to OFC covering the complete campus including Hostels.

MOODLE Learning Management System has been implemented for use by all students, staff and faculty. Network Centre houses 18 Dell/Sun/IBM servers providing:- 1.Network services like DHCP, DNS, Primary Domain controller, Windows Deployment Service.






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