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  • Dr. Arjun Tyagi

    Dr. Arjun Tyagi

    Dr. Arjun Tyagi Assistant Professor Ph.D. arjun.tyagi[at] NA 01991-285524 Extn.: NA Link Research Interest Electric Power Distribution System Analysis, Power System, Renewable Distributed Power Generation, Electric Vehicles, Demand Side Management. Dr. Arjun Tyagi completed her B. Tech. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with honours and M. Tech. degree in Power System with gold medal in […]

  • Research – Electrical Engineering

    Being an engineering department, the school is focusing on research work only in those areas where potential application of the research is in-sight and the benefits are tangible. Focus is more on the areas where the research work can result in patents or in products for the industry. This necessarily translates into research areas where […]

  • Electrical Engineering – Laboratory Infrastructure

    Electrical Engineering – Laboratory Infrastructure

    The following laboratories have been established to ensure that the students get complete facilities to exhaustively understand and explore the concepts of Electrical Engineering: Electrical Machines Lab. Basic Electronics Lab. Basic Electrical Lab. Analog Electronics Lab. Digital Electronics Lab. Electronics Circuits Lab. Microprocessor Lab. Instrumentation & Control Engineering Lab. Control Systems Engineering Lab. Project Lab. […]

  • Program Structure

    Semester I Subject L-T-P-C Engineering Mathematics-I 3-0-0-3 Engineering Physics 3-0-2-4 Introduction to Electrical 1-0-0-1 Basic Electrical Engineering 3-0-2-4 Introduction to C Programming 2-0-4-4 Professional Communication 2-0-2-3 Engineering Graphics 1-0-2-2 NSS (Non-Credit)-UGC 40 Hours Total Credits 21 Semester II Subject L-T-P-C Engineering Mathematics-II 3-0-0-3 Basic Electronics 3-0-2-4 Applied Mechanics 3-1-0-4 Network Analysis & Synthesis 3-1-0-4 Python-I […]

  • Faculty Profile – School of Electrical Engineering

    Faculty Profile – School of Electrical Engineering

    Dr. Manish Sabraj Designation: Associate Professor & Head of School Qualification: B.E., M.Tech.(IITG), Ph.D. Area of Specialization: Digital Signal Processing, Digital Communication, Control Systems Area of Interest: DSP, Digital Communication, Wireless Communication Email: manish.sabraj[at], manishsabraj[at] Phone: 01991-285524 Extn.: 2326Detailed Profile   Dr. Kamaldeep Designation: Assistant Professor Qualification: M.Tech., Ph.D. Area of Specialization: Area of Interest: […]

  • School of Electrical Engineering

    School of Electrical Engineering

    Vision of the School of Electrical Engineering Advancement of electrical engineering academics, research and development within and in close collaboration with industry, society and leading institutions while developing visionaries who can create a better society with a passion for technology. Mission of the School of Electrical Engineering To impart program-oriented knowledge in Electrical Engineering required […]