Category: Faculty of Sciences

  • Department of Mathematics: Research

    The Department of Mathematics offers Ph.D. degree to a limited number of candidates preferably in the areas of Algebra (Ring Theory), Discrete Mathematics (Graph Theory), Operator Theory, Topology, Queuing Theory, Sample Surveys, Coding Theory and Information Theory, and Differential Geometry. Admission to Ph.D. programme is possible at any time in the year through Departmental Research […]

  • Research Laboratory

    Research Laboratory

    Major Equipments: Furnaces : High Temperature muffle furnaces;Shimadzu DTA60: Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) Shimadzu: UV-VIS-NIR SpectrophotometerModel : 2600;Agilent Cary-Varian: SpectrofluoremeterAnd UV-Cabinet Nucleonix: Thermoluminescence Reader (Tl-1009);Gaussian 09 software for theoretical simulation of Shimadzu: Tracer-100 FTIR ;Molecular Dynamics:Dynamic light scattering (DLS) Materials Synthesis Lab;Denver: High precision Micro Balance

  • Electronics Laboratory

    Electronics Laboratory

    This laboratory is a part of M. Sc. Physics Ist year General Laboratory and aims at providing the basic concepts & operation of electronic devices & circuits. The lab supports the students to build their circuits on breadboard using electronic components, ICs, power supplies and other electronic equipments. It also provides logic level realization of […]

  • CMP Laboratory

    CMP Laboratory

    The Department of Physics offers specialization in the Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) in M.Sc. Physics Programme. This specialization is offered in the 3rd semester of the course. In the fourth semester of the course project work in specialized field is mandatory. The laboratory will provide experimental set-up for more than approximately 30 different experiments of […]

  • M.Sc. General Physics Laboratory

    M.Sc. General Physics Laboratory

    The laboratory will provide experimental set-up for more than approximately 30 different experiments of which at least ten are compulsory for a student to complete. The lists of experiments are provided in the regularly updated Laboratory Manual maintained by the Department of Physics. The experiments will be a thoughtful mix involving different techniques and specialties […]

  • B.Tech. Physics Laboratory

    B.Tech. Physics Laboratory

    Department of Physics has well equipped Physics laboratory for B.Tech students. The Physics experiments are performed by the students of all Engineering branches. The experiments are based mainly upon Optics, Electrostatics and Electricity&Magnetism, Modern Physics and Solid State Physics which are the parts of theory syllabus. Students will be required to perform at least 10 […]

  • Physics: Laboratory Infrastructure

    Physics: Laboratory Infrastructure

    In the world of increasing conscious of the potential effects of science and technology on environment laboratory techniques and methodology at large are of importance. We live in an age in which the pace of technological change pulsating ever faster causing waves that spread towards all spheres of life. This increased rate of change will […]

  • Physics: Program Structure

    M.Sc.(Physics) ELIGIBILTY CRITERIA: M.Sc.(Physics): Graduates (10+2+3 pattern) in any stream with Physics/Electronics as a subject. The candidate must have secured at least 60% marks in qualifying examination from a recognized University/institution. Candidates appearing in the qualifying examination can also apply subject to their passing the examination before the admissions are finalized. MAXIMUM INTAKE: M.Sc. (Physics): […]

  • School of Mathematics: Laboratory Infrastructure

    For students of M.Sc. (Mathematics) the School of Mathematics offers some lab based courses such as Computer programming, Numerical methods, Queuing theory, Econometrics and Minor project. School of Mathematics is having a computer laboratory which consists of 35 computer systems well equipped with C-compiler for programming in C, and the Latex software for mathematical typesetting. […]

  • School of Physics

    School of Physics was established in the year 2005-2006 as School of Applied Physics & Mathematics. However, in 2009, it evolved as a separate full-fledged School. It is a research and teaching powerhouse dedicated to shaping the future by pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the classroom, laboratory, and field. Physics is the most fundamental […]