23052020 eventMain

Webinar Series on Strategies for Leading the Change: Post COVID19 Response of India

23052020 eventMain

Due to COVID19 pandemic, the organizations are confronted with the organizational as well as systemic challenges. The decision-makers have to devise strategies for survival and growth and responding to the dynamics of the environment, at present, which is critical for them. They have to constantly look forward to achieve the sustainability of their organizations by balancing amongst the socio-technological changes, economic cycles, competitive pressures, political dynamics and regulatory frameworks. Hence it becomes important to create a platform for deliberating and exploring the Strategies for Leading the Change: Post COVID19 Pandemic Response of India.

With respect to business and management, the response to keep the economic cycle and preparing the research and skills set is a major challenge. Therefore the first webinar in the series on ‘Strategies for leading the change in Management Education’ is focused upon the topics (not limited to):

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23052020 eventMain

23052020 eventMain

23052020 eventMain



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