Faculty Profile – Economics


Dr. Meenakshi Gupta Assistant Professor, Head, School of Economics

Qualification: M. Sc.,NET, Ph. D.

Area of Specialization: Ag. Marketing, Ag. Economics & Statistics.

Area of Interest: Development Economics, Agri-business, Environmental Economics.

Email: meenakshi.gupta[at]

Phone: 01991-285524Extn.: 2425(O), 9419906944

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fom fac kakoli

Dr. Kakali Majumdar Associate Professor

Qualification: M. Sc., Ph.D.(IIT Kharagpur), NET

Area of Specialization: Statistics & Econometrics

Research Interest: Statistics

Email: kakali_m[at]

Phone: 01991-285524 Extn.: 2421

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Dr. Rooplal Sharma Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. A(Eco), Ph. D.

Area of Specialization: Banking

Research Interest: Quantitative Technique, Mathematical Economics.

Email: rooplal.sharma[at]

Phone: 01991-285524Extn.: 2424(O)

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Dr. Pabitra Kumar Jena Assistant Professor

Qualification: M. A (Economics), UGC-NET, Ph. D.

Area of Specialization: Foreign Direct Investment, International Finance.

Research Interest: Econometrics, Managerial Economics, Engineering Economics.

Email: pabitrakumarjena[at]

Phone: 01991-285524, 09797638780 Extn.: 2427 (O), 6427 (R)

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21082017 kirtte

Dr. Kirtti Ranjan P. Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Phil., Ph. D.

Area of Specialization: Agricultural Economics.

Research Interest: Development Economics.

Email: kirtti[at]

Phone: 01991-285524 Extn.: 2428

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doe Arif

Dr. Arif Billah Dar Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D.

Area of Specialization: International Finance, Macroeconomics.

Research Interest: International Finance, Macroeconomics

Email: a.billah[at]

Phone: 01991-285524, 9622165679 Extn.:

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Dr. D.P. Priyadarshi Joshi Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D. in Economics

Area of Specialization: Industrial Economics, Input-Output Techniques

Research Interest: Productivity Measurement, Classical Political Economy.

Email: priyadarshi.joshi[at]

Phone: 01991-285524Extn.:

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Dr. R. Gopinathan Assistant Professor

Qualification: Ph. D.

Area of Specialization: Financial Economics and Applied Econometrics

Research Interest: Financial Economics

Email: gopinathan.r[at]

Phone: 01991-285634, 9419911696Extn.: 2431(O)

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