Faculty Profile – Mathematics


Dr. Kuldip Raj Assistant Professor and I/c Head, School of Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc, Ph.D. (Maths)

Area of Specialization: Functional Analysis, Operator Theory

Research Interest: Operator Theory.

Email: kuldeep.raj[at]smvdu.ac.in

Phone: 01991-285524, 94191-31961 Extn.: 2512(O), 6512(R)

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Prof. V. K. Bhat Professor, Dean(Faculty of Sciences)

Qualification: M. Sc., Ph.D.

Area of Specialization: Ring Theory, Graph Theory

Email: vijay.bhat[at]smvdu.ac.in

Phone: +91-1991-285524, 01991-285691 (Telefax)Extn.: 2506(O), 6506(R)Detailed Profile

04052020 uday

Dr. Uday Pratap Singh Associate Professor and Dean, Academic Affairs

Qualification: B.Sc., M.Sc. (Mathematics & Statistics), M.Sc. (Mathematics & Computing), CSIR (NET), Ph.D.

Area of Specialization: Soft Computing, Nonlinear Dynamics, Image Processing

Research Interest: Nature and Bio Inspired computing, Soft Computing, Nonlinear Systems and Image Processing.

Email: usinghiitg[at]gmail.com

Phone: 8839440571

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22032019 akdas

Dr. Ananga Kumar Das Associate Professor

Qualification: Ph. D. (University of Delhi)

Area of Specialization: Topology

Research Interest: Topology

Email: ak.das[at]smvdu.ac.in, akdasdu[at]yahoo.co.in

Phone: 01991-285524 , 94191-66016Extn.: 2511(O), 6511(R)

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Dr. Sandeep Bhougal Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.A (Statistics), Ph.D.

Area of Specialization: Sequential Analysis.

Research Interest: Sampling Theory, Sequential Analysis, Reliability.

Email: Sandeep.Bhougal[at]smvdu.ac.in, Bhougal_ind74[at]yahoo.co.in

Phone: 01991-285524, 94192-36522 Extn.: 2519

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Dr. Rakesh Kumar Assistant Professor

Qualification: B. Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. (Statistics), Ph. D. (Statistics)

Area of Specialization: Queuing Theory

Research Interest: Queuing Theory and its applications

Email: rakesh.kumar[at]smvdu.ac.in , rakesh_stat_kuk[at]yahoo.co.in

Phone: 01991-285524, 9419932462, 7889906483 Extn.: 2521(O), 6521(R)

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Dr.Surender Singh Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., NET, Ph.D.

Area of Specialization: Mathematical Information Theory.

Research Interest: Mathematical Information Theory, Fuzzy Theory and Applications.

Email: surender.singh[at]smvdu.ac.in, surender1976[at]gmail.com

Phone: 01991-285524, 9906132939(M)Extn.: 2524(O), 6524(R)

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Dr. Sandeep Sharma Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.

Area of Specialization: Differential Geometry.

Research Interest: Differential Geometry, Graph Theory.

Email: 1980[at]smvdu.ac.in, sandeep8022[at]yahoo.com

Phone: 01991-285524, 9419116760 Extn.: 2513

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