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4th International Yoga Day celebrated at SMVDU

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SMVDU, Katra, 21st June, 18: Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, celebrated 4th International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018. The celebration began with a Yoga Practice Session at 5:45AM in the Fountain Area of the Academic Block. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sanjeev Jain, along with the students, faculty and staff members and their wards participated in the session till 7:00AM. Mr. Gurmel, Junior Assistant in the Security Wing of the University and a trained yoga instructor, guided the participants for various yoga postures and meditation techniques. The session included various asanas such as Padmasana, Dandasan, Chakrasana, Dhanurasana, Pashchimottanasana, Sarvangasana, Bhadrasana, Shalabhasana, Vajrasana, Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana, Tadasana, Vrikshasana, Trikonasana, Shavasana, Anulom-Vilom and Bhramari Pranayams. The session concluded with a free laughter and thanks note to the participants. Three prizes are to be declared on the basis of the fineness of the postures of three best performers in the session. Another event of drawing competition on “Yoga and Environment” is scheduled on 18th July 2018. The prizes will be distributed on 15th Aug. 2018. The yoga practice session was coordinated by Dr. Anil Tewari, Head, School of Philosophy & Culture and Nodal Officer, SBSI along with Mr. Sumanta S. Sharma, Faculty Coordinator, NSS.



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