02092022 icpr

8th ICPR Study Circle Meet held

02092022 icpr

The School of Philosophy and Culture (SoPC) at SMVD University, organized the 8th ICPR Study Circle Meeting sponsored by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi. At the onset, Mr. Sumanta S. Sharma (Head, SoPC) welcomed the speaker and participants and Dr. Anil K. Tewari presented the keynote.The topic of the discussion was “Kashmir Shaiv Darshan” (Kashmir Shaivasim), delivered by Prof. Anand Mishra (Head Department of Philosophy and Religion, Varanasi Hindu University, Varanasi). Prof. Mishra is a recipient of the ‘Bharati Mandan Darshan Ratna’ Award by the ‘Vaidehi Kala Sangrhalaya’ in 2022. Prof. Mishra threw light on the antiquity and rich history of Kashmir Shaivism. The present status of this philosophy was also discussed. The lecture concluded with a question-and-answer session. Dr. Madhu M. Chaturvedi presented the vote of thanks.



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