07022018 news

Best Vikalp Volunteer for the month of January- 2018

07022018 news

Alone we cannot do much, together we can reach the zenith – Anonymous

Volunteers registered for VIKALP – a students’ initiative at SMVDU have been doing a substantial job since the onset of these initiatives in the university. These students realize their social responsibility and try their best to offer it to the destitute and needy. Despite hectic academic schedule, volunteers at Vikalp reach to fulfil their duties towards the society. They are the real life heroes in the lives of those they have helped and still helping. Their efforts cannot be paid in pennies and pounds but have already gathered a lot of love and goodwill. They realize that every drop of their sweat will go towards the nation building as they are engaged in giving basic education to the under-privileged children of nearby places.

This is to acknowledge the diligent efforts put forward by Ms. Mithali Bhat(16BCS026), pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering along with Mr. Akhil Kalsi(16BCS002),pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering as the best volunteers of Vikalp for the month of January 2018. They were responsible, rendering overall counselling, lessons on general health and hygiene, and imparting basic education to the children. As sophomores they participated in every initiative taken forward and are still offering commendable services in shoes distribution activity. Vikalp family extends their cordial gratitude towards these volunteers and wish them the very best for all future endeavours. We also wish that they can inspire other students and take this altruistic effort to the next level.



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