Board of Studies of Department of Energy Management Held

SMVDU Katra: The meeting of the Board of Studies (BOS) of the Dept. of Energy Management, SMVDU, held on 24th April. Prof. Jyotirmay Mathur Dept. of Mechanical Engg. NIT Jaipur who was available through skype, Prof. S. K. Kaushik, Center for Energy Studies IIT Delhi, Prof. V. Verma Dean Faculty of Engg. SMVDU, Dr. Sanjeev Anand Head Dept. of Energy Management SMVDU and Dr. V. V. Tyagi were the distinguished members. The highlights of the meeting was inclusion of financial models and course on ‘Discourses on Human Virtue’ along with emphasis on regular seminars to keep up breast with the present day technology etc.

The BOS has the mandate, as so derived from the statutes of the university, to give all recommendations regarding academic programs, updating of the curriculum, reviewing of syllabi as per the need of the students and identifying the research areas for the department that may open the gateway for academia-industry collaboration. It is worth noting here that this is the only dept. is the State of J&K that offers M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs in Renewable Energy. The recommendations submitted by the BOS will be further deliberated in the Academic Council.



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