31072019 fornews

Community Visit to spread awareness about Education undertaken at SMVD University

31072019 fornews

SMVDU Katra, July 2019. Vikalp – a students’ initiative to educate the destitute along with National Service Scheme (NSS) at SMVD University conducted a community visit to spread awareness about the importance of education for individual and social growth. More than 200 first year students with the help of 20 senior volunteers participated in it. The pupils went to the nearby villages, visited houses, met parents and kids and informed them about Vikalp. The main objective of the Vikalp program, which started in 2009, is to extend basic education to the under-privileged children of the close by villages and to the children of the of the construction workers on the campus. The objective is to take care of their overall growth, including their medical care. The Vikalp initiative is committed to the cause of social justice, sustainable development and human rights and undertakes developing activities and programs for the literacy of children, which include computer courses, career counselling, sports and games activities etc.

The community visit is a part of three weeks mandatory Induction program for first year students ongoing at SMVD University. One of the major projects taken up by the Vikalp team is to improve the condition of deprived, living in a poor human condition in rural areas of Kakryal and Syria villages, adjoining the University campus. The team conducts evening classes focusing on the issues of personal hygiene and general cleanliness for the students of the rural community in and around of the university premises. The focus is also on the healthcare and awareness program for various government initiatives. The activity was jointly coordinated by Dr. Madhu Mangal Chaturvedi (Faculty Coordinator, Vikalp) and Mr. Sumanta S. Sharma (Faculty Coordinator, NSS). Prof. E. Muthusamy, Dean of Engineering and Chairman of the Induction Program expressed his satisfaction on this awareness campaign and Prof. D. Mukhopadhyay (Hon’ble Vice Chancellor) congratulated the team for its indefatigable efforts.



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