24072019 news

Documentation of rich Dogra Culture initiated at SMVD University

24072019 news

Board of Cultural Activities at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University (SMVDU) under the direction of Mr. Gaurav Singh Jamwal (Team Head and Cultural Coordinator) along with Mr. Opinder Sharma (Production Controller) and other team members took up an initiative to explore the unexplored regions and take record of the first hand data so as to produce a documentary of the folk musical forms. The venture is commendable not only from the point of view of creating first-hand data of the cultural forms of the region but also from the view point of SMVDU’s taking initiative towards its social and cultural responsibility. This project will also be significant towards preservation and promotion of regional cultural forms.

It is a vivid fact that Jammu region, especially its mountainous region, is rich in regional and folk cultural and art forms such as folk songs, dances, crafts, festivals and their celebrations, habitat and living patterns. Moreover, the region has not been sufficiently explored by cultural enthusiasts. No standard study or any systematic effort for documentation of the regional culture has also not been done so far. Thus, the study is a novel and pioneer attempt to conserve and showcase the hidden beauty of this region.

Dr. Varun K. Tripathi (ex-President, Board of Cultural Activities) took up this initiative to document and preserve the art forms which is now supported by Mr. Sumanta S. Sharma (President Board of Cultural Activities). This initiative of cultural preservation which highlights the Dogra culture and heritage t has immense importance as it is being initiated by SMVDU to develop a capacity building module to sensitize students of their rich culture of which they are the real stakeholders. Not only that, it will enable the students from other states to have a glimpse of the affluent and prosperous culture of this neglected region. The process of shooting and post production is in full swing and in the near future it will be screened at SMVDU along with some other places.



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