07092022 duggarManch

Duggar Manch, dedicated to the promotion of Dogri language, literature and Dogri Theatre, performed a Dogri Play titled “GUMMAT MAIDAN 1808” at the Matrika Auditorium

07092022 duggarManch

The Dogra history of valour and sacrifices was displayed by artists in a 75 minute-long Dogri Play. The play was written and directed by Dogri playwright, Mr. Mohan Singh Ji. Among the leading artists in addition to Mr. Mohan Singh, were: Mr. Janak Khajuria, Sh, Subash Jamwal, Jananb Shiekh Fayaz Ahmed, Dr. Sushma Rani and Dr. Sarita Khajuria. A total of 16 artists played their parts and mesmerised a full theatre.The Play exhibited the heroic bravery of Mian Dido, the revolutionary warrior of Jammu who fought many battles against the atrocities and denied any kind of agreement with the invaders.

Ms. Abha Jamwal, a descendant of Mian Dido and Sarpanch of village Jagti, the birth place of Mian Dido, was the special guest of the occasion. The event and was presided by Mr. Nagendra Singh Jamwal, Registrar, SMVDU. The event was hosted by Dr. Kamini Pathania, Vice President, Board of Cultural Activities, SMVDU. Registrar, SMVDU and Dr. Rakesh Thusoo, President, BCA, SMVDU, honoured the entire team of Duggar Manch and reiterated about the constant efforts of SMVD University to promote awareness about rich cultural and historical legacies.BCA president thanked the University administration, NSS coordinator, BCA student Coordinators for their support in conducting the event and for their effort towards making the event successful.The play was anchored in Dogri by Dr. Kamini Pathania, Vice Pesident, BCA, supported by Ms. Radhika Agrawal and Dr. Iti Dayal. In his final remarks, Mr. Mohan Singh thanked the University administration for starting the Dogri course at SMVDU and believed that it will create a benchmark for promotion of rich but neglected Dogra art and culture in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.



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