18102022 gautamNews

Gautam Narula of SMVDU attended Disaster Management Event at IIT Roorkee

18102022 gautamNews

Gautam Narula, Assistant Professor, School of Civil Engineering, SMVD University, attended an event on Disaster Management Action Frontiers, organized by the Centre of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and Management (CoEDMM), IIT Roorkee . The event included eminent speakers’ lectures and panel discussions focusing on managing and mitigating floods, landslides and groundwater disasters. Also, the field visit to the Tattyaur in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand was organized in which the participants were made aware of the salt dilution discharge measurement technique. The participants made a visit to a landslide-hit area to observe the faults, folds, cracks, and shear planes. Various methods to understand the strength of rocks at the site were introduced. The participants were shown the all-weather system, and the trip ended with community interaction with the nearby villages. During the event, Dr. Narula discussed various methods with professors that can be used to achieve stable strata in the region of Jammu and Kashmir. On the day four, Prof. Jay Krishna memorial lecture was delivered by Cyclone Man of India, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Director, Indian Meteorological Department.



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