16052022 gsCash

Gender Sensitization Session by NSS SMVDU at Govt. School, Dheerti

16052022 gsCash

The NSS unit of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University organised a Gender Sensitization session at Govt. Middle School at Dheerti, in a nearby village. The awareness session was conducted with the school’s sixth, seventh, and eighth class girls. It was an interactive session to make girls aware of good and bad touch. Students were given the assignment to discuss the same. The NSS volunteers Vaidyanti, Harshita and Leeza discussed different situations with the girls and how to behave in those situations. The School authorities appreciated the efforts of girls volunteers.Dr. Rajiv Kumar, NSS Programme Coordinator was also present and discussed with school authorities about other tasks that can be taken up by NSS volunteers in the school.



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