IIT, Delhi Professor K.K Biswas conducts Lecture Series in SMVDU

Professor K.K. Biswas ,from Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIIT Delhi, visited the department of Computer Science & Engineering SMVDU, for FDP and Lecture series starting from 18th April, 2017. Prof. Biswas delivered lectures on the topics of Machine learning including topics of current research areas in the field such as Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machines and Artificial Neural Networks. Lecture was attended by students of B.Tech. , M.Tech. , MCA, along with the faculty, staff and research scholars of the department as well as the University.

This was followed by an interactive sessions with the research scholars on applications of machine learning to surveillance and monitoring problems in which prof. Biswas shared his vast experience in the field of artificial intelligence and advised the scholars on some new and emerged trends in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the end of the lecture series, Dr. Sakshi Arora, Assistant professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, SMVDU, delivered the vote of thanks.



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