07042021 final

Lecture Series on Rural Marketing Organized by by SoB

07042021 final

SMVDU, Katra: Lecture Series on “Rural Marketing: A Way Ahead” was organized by the School of Business of SMVD University. To acquaint the MBA students with the emerging scope of rural marketing, the series of lectures was organized by Dr. Deepak Jain and Dr. Rashi taggar, Assistant Professors, School of Business of SMVD University. The lecture series started on 23rd March and concluded on 6th April 2021. Dr. Mahesh Suresh Chopde, the resource person from Mahatma Gandhi National Council for Rural Education, MoE, GOI, Nagpur, discussed the scope and challenges of rural marketing.

Mr. J. Sai Sudheer Kumar, resource Person from MGNCRE, Andhra Pradesh, talked about the various approaches to reach rural markets and the application of Rural Marketing Information Systems. Mr. Manoj Parmar, Managing Director, Eduknox Technologies, Telangana, shared his experiences of selecting rural markets and developing strategies to target rural customers using appropriate marketing mix planning.

Dr. Suvidha Khanna, Assistant Professor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, deliberated on the avenues of rural tourism in Jammu and the challenges associated. Dr. Manisha Jagtap, Associate Professor, Dnyansagar Institute of Management and Research, Pune, discussed the marketing of agriculture inputs and mobile trading in rural markets. The lecture series benefitted the students in understanding the challenges and opportunities of rural marketing and exploring the business avenues in rural India. With such programs, the School of Business, under the leadership of Dr. Saurabh, is focusing to create industry-ready employable candidates by providing platforms to learn, interact and apply the management knowledge and skills.



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