23012018 LinuxWeek

Linux Week Successfully Concludes at SMVDU

23012018 LinuxWeek

SMVDU Katra: With the emergence and growth rate of Technology in today’s world it is advantageous to know the tit-bits of the various fields of the IT industry and have an exposure to it at student life itself. To make sure of the same, Members of FOSS@SMVDU organized “Linux Week”, a peer teaching-learning event which focused on to make the students of B.Tech. comfortable with the Linux Environment and aware about the world of Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) which we use in our daily lives in some or the other way.

The event continued for a week, starting from the basics advancing each day, students were taught about the various technologies related to Linux and FOSS relevant today. The event was attended by around 60 B.Tech. Students. They also witnessed a Special Guest Session in which they got to interact with 3 experts working in IT industry, who also empower Women in Tech by running Indian Chapters of Various International Groups like PyLadies, LinuxChix etc. Pushplata Ranjan, Senior Software Engineer at Essentia SoftServ & Leader of PyLadies Delhi, Shivani Bhardwaj, Software Engineer at Essentia & Organizer of LinuxChix India and also an alumnus of SMVDU, and Priyal Trivedi, Full Stack Developer at Analytics Vidhya & Organizer of LinuxChix India were the Guest Speakers. They motivated the students to actively begin in the world of Tech, guided them on how to contribute to Linux and gave them tips and real exposure of the IT industry for securing internships and jobs easily.

The organizing team included the Students of 2nd & 3rd Year of School of Computer Science & Engineering who have knowledge and experience of Linux & FOSS. The event was a great success and gave the students hands on experience on Linux Environment along with the utmost needed industry exposure. More events are promised to be organized by the FOSS@SMVDU & Code-Club team.



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