01062023 nationSurNews

NSS SMVDU conducted National Survey in the adopted village

01062023 nationSurNews

The NSS unit of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University recently carried out a significant national survey in their adopted village, Sirah. The purpose of the survey was to collect valuable information regarding “youth not in regular employment and formal education.” This data will serve as a crucial foundation for the formulation of national policies addressing the needs of such youth. This comprehensive survey is being conducted across the country by dedicated NSS volunteers from various universities and colleges. In this survey conducted by SMVDU, approximately 35 NSS volunteers actively participated. The survey forms were provided by the Regional Directorate of NSS in New Delhi, ensuring standardized data collection methods. During their visit, the volunteers completed around 100 survey forms, diligently capturing essential details and insights. The dedication and commitment demonstrated by the volunteers in carrying out this task were commendable. Dr. Rajiv Kumar, the NSS coordinator of the university, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the efforts put forth by the volunteers in conducting the survey.

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