19202023 newsNSS1

NSS SMVDU organized an awareness rally with MAM College Jammu

19202023 newsNSS1

The NSS group at SMVDU in Katra worked together with M.A.M. College Jammu to arrange an awareness rally with the aim of advocating for the reduction in plastic usage. The team from NSS SMVDU was requested by M.A.M. College Jammu to hold a session with their own NSS volunteers and arrange an awareness rally. Dr. Rajiv Kumar, NSS Coordinator at SMVDU, held a session during which he informed the students about various activities held by NSS SMVDU in the past year. The objective of the session was to encourage students to participate in NSS activities to develop their personalities and contribute to the community. Dr. Vishal Sharma, NSS Programme Officer at MAM College, expressed appreciation to the NSS team from SMVDU. The awareness rally was held on the college campus, with both NSS teams working together to advocate for reduced plastic usage. Prof. Dr. G.D. Singh Rakwal, the Principal of MAM College, praised the efforts of the NSS groups and suggested that they organize more similar events in the future.



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