01062023 nssNews

NSS SMVDU volunteers visit Govt. Primary School

01062023 nssNews

NSS volunteers from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University took the initiative to organize a visit to the Government primary school in the village of the School. The purpose of this visit was to raise awareness among students about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for staying fit and active. Led by Sadhvi and Anshika, the NSS volunteers engaged with students from every class in the school and inquired about their understanding of a healthy diet. During the visit, the volunteers organized interactive games for the students, ensuring an engaging and informative experience. Additionally, they distributed fruits to the school students, highlighting the significance of incorporating fresh and nutritious food into their daily routine. Dr. Rajiv Kumar, the NSS coordinator, expressed his appreciation for the volunteers’ efforts in organizing this event. Their dedication and commitment to promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle were commendable. Prof. R. K. Sinha, the Vice Chancellor, extended his congratulations to the NSS team for successfully organizing the event and encouraged them to visit other schools in the Panthal region as well.

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