13092022 iitNews

Prof. Chandra of IIT Kanpur Delivers Talk on “Modelling of Railway Track for High-Speed Trains”

13092022 iitNews

School of Civil Engineering, SMVD University (SMVDU) organized an expert talk on “Modelling of Railway Track for High-Speed Trains” by Prof. Sarvesh Chandra, Former Professor, IIT Kanpur in online mode on 12/09/2022. This lecture was an extension activity for the course ‘High-Speed Railway Engineering’ which is a part of the curriculum of B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) at SMVDU. Prof. Chandra informed students about the latest knowledge related to the developments taking place in the field of high-speed trains. Also, the talk also stressed the position of India in the field of high-speed railway technology and noteworthy insight into various design approaches for high-speed railway tracks across the globe. Prof. Chandra also put forward the light on the tools used and parameters that needed to be considered to analyse the performance of high-speed railway tracks. The talk was organised by Dr. Balbir Pandey and Dr. Bharat Bhushan Jindal, Faculty, SoCE, SMVDU. The Head of the School, SoCE, SMVDU, thanked the expert for sharing his knowledge.



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