08052017 neelakantan

Prof. Neelkantan from IIT Kanpur delivers lecture at SMVDU

08052017 neelakantan

SMVDU Katra: Department of Languages and Literature organized an Extension Lecture entitled “Research Methodology in Literature and Languages” on 4th May, 2017 delivered by Prof. Guru Murthy Neelkantan, Professor at IIT Kanpur. Prof. Neelkantan is distinguished Teacher Awardee of IIT Kanpur. He is a member of IAUPE (International Association of University Professor of English) and has served in the Editorial Board of Philip Roth Studies published from Burdwan University Press. In his lecture on Research Methodology, he claimed Research to be not only a profession but also about being in the world.

Prof. Neelkantan deliberated upon various steps that should be taken into consideration to proceed ahead in the research realm like choosing a broad area, a succinct overview of literature in the specific area, avoiding usage of jargons, consistent revisions and editing, use of connectors, etc. Further, he also emphasized upon an assortment of avenues which students can explore after their post graduation like teaching, journalism, communication studies, legal advisors, etc. Prof. Neelkanthan was visiting the university in connection to the PhD final defense of Ms. Quleen Kaur Bijral, an emerging young novelist and poet.



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