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SMVD University Organizes Webinar on Energy Efficiency in Transmission Systems

28062021 fornews

The School of Energy Management (SoEM), SMVD University, organized a webinar on “Energy Efficiency in Transmission Systems”. Dr. Sanjeev Anand, Faculty, SoEM, SMVDU, coordinated the session and briefed about the relevance of the webinar. Earlier, Dr. Vineet Tyagi, Asst. Prof. and I/C Head, School of Energy Management welcomed all the participants.

The welcome address was delivered by Mr. K. R. Suri, FIE, Chartered-cum-Engineer, Resident Director (INDIGRID) Mumbai, GM (Retired) Power Grid, GOI. He briefed about the latest advancements in transmission systems and stressed the need for the latest technologies in the transmission systems.

The session ended with a vote of thanks presented by Dr. Yatheshth Anand, Asst. Prof., SMVD University. The School of Energy Management expressed its gratitude to Padam Shree Prof. R. K. Sinha, Vice-Chancellor, SMVD University for his support and encouragement.



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