10052023 news

SMVDU Faculty Delivers Lecture-Series at Lucknow University

10052023 news

Dr. Satish Kumar Tiwari, an Assistant Professor at SMVD University, recently delivered a series of lectures during a week-long workshop organized by the Department of Philosophy at Lucknow University. The workshop, aimed at UGC-NET aspirants, took place from May 1, 2023, to May 6, 2023.During the workshop, Dr. Satish Tiwari provided valuable guidance to students, helping them understand the pattern of the UGC-NET exam, its syllabus, and the level of questions. He specifically covered various units of Philosophy Paper-2, including Logic, Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, and Indian Ethics.Dr. Satish Tiwari has been actively involved in assisting UGC-NET aspirants for the past decade, providing coaching services free of cost. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he is the founder of “Bhartiya Darshnik Manch,” a platform dedicated to bringing together researchers, faculties, and academicians in the field of Philosophy.The participation of Dr. Satish Tiwari in the workshop proved immensely beneficial to the UGC-NET aspirants, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and preparation strategies to excel in the upcoming examination. His selfless dedication to mentoring students and his contributions to the field of Philosophy through the establishment of the “Bhartiya Darshnik Manch” highlight his commitment to promoting academic growth and intellectual discourse.



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