13062022 alumni

SMVDU holds Alumni Panel Discussion on ‘On the Job Stress Management

13062022 alumni

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Alumni Association and SMVDU Alumni Affairs conducted a Panel Discussion on “On the Job Stress Management”. The panellists of the event were Ms. Supriya Sharma (MBA, 2011 Batch) currently working in Yupp TV, Hyderabad, Ms. Ana Mahajan (MBA, 2006 Batch) is the Chief Manager at State Bank of India, New Delhi and Ms. Pallavi Mahajan (MBA, 2008 Batch) working as Social Media Manager at Webisdom in Delhi. The event was conducted to discuss work-related stress caused by uncontrolled pressure which undermines the performance of the employer, and dealing with it while working in an organization.Ms. Supriya Sharma said that it is impossible to avoid stress hence it is more important to focus on dealing with stress the correct way before it becomes so troublesome that it starts to affect the well-being of a person. She discussed the importance of communication to deal with stressful situations.

Ms. Pallavi Mahajan talked about how stress is just an instinctive, immediate response to deal with unknown experiences before even trying to understand the situation. It is important to be self-aware and self-evaluate to not end up in extremely stressful situations. She suggested some lifestyle changes to lead a healthier and happier life.Ms. Ana Mahajan explained how once you start to grow in both your personal and professional life, the stress you feel also increases. She emphasized prioritizing the tasks and maintaining a hobby. Dr. Sakshi Arora, President of SMVDU Alumni Association, Dr. Saurabh , Faculty I/c Alumni Affairs SMVDU, and Dr. Mir Irfan Ul Haq, member secretary of SMVDU Alumni Association added their views to the panel and thanked the participation of alumni and students in the discussions.

Further, they stressed that alumni are the best teachers and ambassadors for any institution as they can guide the students the best. Students can learn the most from their experiences. The panellists answered the questions of the participants.To conclude the event, Dr. Ankush Raina expressed gratitude towards the University and especially the Vice-Chancellor Padma Shri Prof. (Dr.) Ravindra Kumar Sinha, and Registrar Shri Nagendra Singh Jamwal for extending their support towards the possibility of the event. Also, he expressed special thanks to the members of the organizing committee Er. Ashish Suri, Associate Dean of Academics and Mrs. Saloni Sabharwal, Treasurer, SMVDUAA staff and faculty members and alumni members for active participation.



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