28022018 drugmenanance

SMVDU organized special lecture on Drug Menace and Fast Food Culture

28022018 drugmenanance

SMVDU Katra: NSS at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University organized a special lecture on the growing Drug menace and Fast food culture yesterday. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Swarkar Sharma, who is the ccoordinator of Human Genetics Research Group, School of Biotechnology at the University. In the first part of his lecture, Dr. Sharma traced the trajectory of drugs usage by youngsters and concluded that stress is the primary factor. Students delve into such activities as a matter of adventure or a way out to relieve their ongoing stress. This hampers their physical and mental growth. There is a need to reduce stress in life and precaution is best cure against narcotics.

In the second part, Dr. Sharma explained that sedentary life style does not need excessive calorie intake. Thus, fast food, which is high in calories adds to our ailments, worries and turns us ill. There is a need to adapt healthy and hygienic routine and take fast food responsibly. Diseases like, high blood sugar or pressure can be tackled once we refrain from fast foods. The lecture was interactive and students’ queries were addressed both in between as well as at the end of the lecture. Mr. Sumanta S. Sharma, Faculty Coordinator NSS delivered vote of thanks to the speaker. The event was organized by NSS volunteers, namely, Mr. Aman, Mr. Dhanraj, Ms. Simran and Ms. Shubhangi.



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